All About Rilakkuma!

リラックマ Rilakkuma is a popular Japanese character that has captured the hearts of many around the world. Created by Aki Kondo, Rilakkuma first made its appearance in 2003. Since then, it has become a beloved character in Japan and has gained popularity worldwide !!

リラックマ Rilakkuma is a combination of two Japanese words, "relax" and "kuma," meaning bear. The character is designed to be a lazy and laid-back bear, always lounging around in his cute bear suit. Rilakkuma's story begins when he mysteriously appears in the apartment of a young woman named Kaoru. Kaoru takes Rilakkuma in and gives him a home. Along with Rilakkuma, Kaoru also finds Korilakkuma, a small white bear, and Kiiroitori, a yellow bird.Even now without plans, this costume hangs out at her place and disturbs her by not doing anything everyday but gives her some life advice occasionally. Rilakkuma’s favorite food is special sweets from local rice dumpling store and Rilakkuma’s weakness is summer season.

Webmaster Notes...
He is my favourite san-x character... I know that he is a popular character, and it may seem like a basic choice, but I have been drawn to him for as long as I can remember.. What I like about Rilakkuma is how cute he looks !! ~ He has a round and chubby body that makes him look so soft and huggable.. His relaxed and laid-back personality is so charming, it's hard not to love him. (@´∀`p★)゚*. +゚

I also watched the stop motion series 'Rilakkuma and Kaoru' in 2019, and I made it my entire personality for a while !! This show has made me appreciate the characters and fall in love with them even more.. The show is so heartwarming and funny, and it really showcases the different facets of Rilakkuma's personality (~▽~@)♪♪♪

I will always have a special place in my heart for this lovable San-X character.